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Jimmy Brigio has spent a decade avoiding his home town of Chicago and his mafia kingpin brothers who inhabit it. But when he gets the call that his sister has been kidnapped and is presumed dead, Jimmy returns to the Windy City to try and find her. But after an altercation with another powerful local mob, he finds he's too late. So now, with a bounty on his head and revenge on his mind, Jimmy is hell bent on bringing down the men who took his sister's life, and the lives of many others...even if he has to do it alone.


Parabellum was released late March, 2013


Parabellum is the first installment in The Brigio Series

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Parabellum: Part II


Jimmy Brigio's life has turned upside down. His strategies are shattered in mere moments, as is his life. With no one left in the world to help him and his unlikely partner Sam Ashton finish the crime war they started, they can't help but feel hopeless against their powerful enemy, mafia lord Rico Terez and his extensive underworld empire. Jimmy knows he and Sam must fight this battle until the bitter conclusion. But as time passes on, he can't help but wonder if there's another adversary, waiting for him in the shadows of Chicago.


Parabellum: Part II was released June, 2013


Parabellum: Part II is the second installment in The Brigio Series



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The Longest Night Ever Lived


Nate Bray and Cady Steward were an average eighteen year old couple. They juggled their time between enjoying each others company and enjoying the company of their friends Mike, Cera, and Taylor. But one disrupted summer solstice party and militant ambush later, everything changed. Now, with Cady and Cera taken hostage by these mysterious terrorists, Nate and the remaining group must work against time as well as their own shortcomings to ensure they save their friends and survive the night. And maybe they'll have a decent epiphany along the way...maybe.
The Longest Night Ever Lived was released in June, 2013
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Chicago's criminal empires have fallen into fiery ruin, but Jimmy Brigio isn't done, not by a long shot. Mickey Brigio has fled the city and Jimmy's ability to free the world of his brother's horrific business went with him. Now, even with a powerful bounty hunter on his tail, Jimmy will stop at nothing to track down Mickey and ensure he gets what he deserves. But, even with the help of his partner Sam Ashton, and exiled FBI informant Ian Hughes, can Jimmy find Mickey before he has time to build a defense and revive his criminal empire?

Matanzas is the third installment in The Brigio Series


Matanzas was released August, 2013


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The Sinking of The Pattison Glory


It all began as a birthday surprise for overworked college student Emma Norris. Courtney Oden, Emma's long time best friend, thought a seven day cruise would be the perfect cure for Emma's rut of stress and exhaustion. For the first few days, that's exactly what it was. The two of them enjoyed the laziness and excess of a tropical vacation as much as everyone else, even finding time to befriend a bartender. But when a reroute leads to disaster, and things quickly spiral from bad to worst case scenario, the vacation crumbles into a fight for life. As the gravity of the situation sets in and chaos ensues, Emma and Kristen, with the help of their befriended bartender, try to keep their wits and help the situation any way they can. But can they all stay together, and more importantly stay alive until the bitter end?


The Sinking of The Pattison Glory was released August, 2013


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Delicate Rain


Rain Phillipa has always been an adventurous teenager, but when her adventures get her in hot water with the authorities as well as her family, she feels her only option is to run away. Soon finding herself in the heart of Kansas City, Rain is taken in by a secretive criminal operation who show her the life she's always wanted; drugs, parties, and violence quickly encapsulate her world. But when her family's search for her continues gaining volunteers and media attention and the secrecy of the criminal organization is directly endangered Rain can't help but wonder if this life of adventure and excess can really last forever.


Delicate Rain was released in September, 2013


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Sins of My Brother


Mickey Brigio can feel his world, as well as his mind, unraveling. His brother is closing in on him, his boss is abandoning his operation, and all of his colleagues are beginning to doubt him. As Mickey's world crumbles, Jimmy Brigio's hunt for his brother reaches new heights. His road travel is faster than ever, his camaraderie with Sam and Ian has grown stronger, and even having Thomas Karstenburg in his shadow isn't stopping his pursuit. But no matter how fast he moves or how determined he is, Jimmy is still followed by the thought Mickey may flee once more.



Book 4 of The Brigio Series


Sins of My Brother was released in November, 2013


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Shattered Glass


The life of Tiana Halford was rarely easy. As an infant, she was raised without a mother. As a child, she faced abuse that she could not fathom. And as a teenager she suffered through ridicule and persecution from her peers. Throughout her life, she was held up and kept from oblivion by her best friend, Zach Ames. She often envied Zach's calm, normal upbringing, and his lack of a haunting past. She appreciated his constant support and dedication to her through all the horrible moments in her life. All she needed was a person without those hard moments in life to show her what life could be, and Zach was always the person willing to give her that. But, little did either of them know, his hard times simply had yet to begin.


Shattered Glass was released in January, 2014


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The Man From Montenegro


Just when he thought he was out, they bring him back in. Jimmy Brigio thought he was done, that his dangerous journey was finally at an end...he was wrong. As Thomas Karstenburg pointed out, Mickey's mysterious employer is still out there and still conducting sinful business. And as Thomas points out, Jimmy needs his help to find this elusive criminal kingpin. So now, Jimmy, Sam, Ian, and Thomas Karstenburg begin their hunt for the last piece of Mickey's deadly puzzle of underground business. But even with the added aid of Karstenburg, the group is fearful of Mickey's unseen employer. Are the stories they hear about him true? Can they face a man so immensely powerful? Is there any hope for them to destroy the international empire of The Man From Montenegro?


The fifth and final book in The Brigio Series


The Man From Montenegro was released in February, 2014


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Unlikely Angels


Kate Hart lived a normal life. She held a steady job and maintained a simple life. But then it all changed. After witnessing something she shouldn't have, Kate is thrust into a world she'd never thought existed: the world of the paranormal. A secretive group known as The Protectorate have been keeping the world safe from chaotic "Abnormals" for centuries. Now, with the help of her old college friend, Kate must learn to live life with The Protectorate, or go it alone against the Abnormals hunting her.
Unlikely Angels is the first book in The Protectorate Chronicles
Unlikely Angels was released April, 2014

Welcome to Antioch College


After many years of vacancy, Antioch College is coming back to life. Through renovation and restructuring done by it's new president, this small liberal arts school calls in its first class in several years. But this isn't good news some. Evan Morgan, an antisocial and anxious young man, arrives for his first day of orientation. Drawn in by several unheard of perks as well as the school's size, Evan is quickly taken off guard by the eccentricity of both the new student body and the staff members. As his first day goes by, Evan can't help but wonder what exactly he'd gotten himself into.


Welcome to Antioch College is the first book in The Antioch Adventures


Welcome to Antioch College was released April, 2014


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Timid New World

As classes and life begin at Antioch College, Evan Morgan is finding it harder and harder to avoid his infatuation with his headstrong and intriguing roommate, Emily. But, neighbor Brad has the perfect plan to get Evan to start sinking or swimming. Elsewhere, Wes and Amanda are taken off guard by a serious, campus-wide problem and the frailty of Antioch becomes much more apparent.

Timid New World is the second book in The Antioch Adventures

Timid New World was released May, 2014

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The Street Fair

Just as everyone at Antioch is getting into the college routine, something comes to town that shakes it all up. The Yellow Springs Street Fair, a biannual, village-wide festival comes to town and gives everyone different ideas about what this celebration holds. Wes sees it as an attack on the capitalist status quo he's worked to preserve for so long, although Amanda tries to convince him otherwise. Meanwhile, Evan sees the fair as an opportunity to get closer to his roommate, Emily. But, as Amanda already knows, nobody can truly predict what happens when Street Fair comes to town.

The Street Fair is the third book in The Antioch Adventures

The Street Fair was released in June, 2014

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Winter has come to Antioch College. Cold weather controls the campus and snow has blanketed the town, but that doesn't keep the students from having fun outdoors. Evan and Emily, now inseparable friends, are working on a wintertime project of their own, hoping to finish before the school's winter break comes. But, when a catastrophic failure with the school's power grid leaves the entire campus without heat or power, the project is stalled and everyone has to struggle to find some way to stay warm as the season's worst storm rears its head over the now cold and dark college.

Powerless is the fourth book in The Antioch Adventures

Powerless was released in June, 2014

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Lucky People

A short story in three chapters

Three people stand on a bridge on a foggy night. They're all there for the same reason, and all brought there by the same event. Their stories are far different from each other's, and yet they all go through equal trauma. Lucky People is a story of guilt, survival, and three people's great hardship.

Lucky People was published in August, 2014

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To Catch a Killer

Kellen Monello, a mentally troubled and overworked FBI Agent will do anything to catch the serial killers of America. But, when the state of Texas is ravaged by a traveling kidnapper and murderer, Kellen doesn't have a single lead to go on as bodies continue to pile up. That is, until an imprisoned killer, Ezra Grazer, sends her a mysterious tip and breaks the case open. After another victim disappears and the death clock begins to tick, Kellen has no choice but to work with this oddly helpful murderer in hopes of finding the next victim before it's too late. But, is Ezra Grazer truly there to help, or is he just waiting for something more sinister?

To Catch a Killer was released in October, 2014

To Catch a Killer is the first installment in the Monello/Grazer Series

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The Sunshine Spree

One winter night, a man walked into a Washington D.C. bar with a case full of guns and opened fire. After leaving a mysterious calling card at the scene, the man disappeared into without a trace. Both FBI Agent Kellen Monello and serial killer Ezra Grazer quickly became interested in hunting this new killer. Kellen had spent the few months following her first interaction with Ezra trying to put the experience behind her. But now, with the FBI enlisting his help to catch the bar shooter, Kellen is forced to interact with the silver-haired killer once more. While working with Ezra again weighs on Kellen's mind, she struggles to catch up to this ghost-like shooter before it's too late.

The Sunshine Spree was released in January, 2015

The Sunshine Spree is the second installment in the Monello/Grazer Series

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