About Me

I've been a writer for what feels like my entire life. My first story I ever wrote came to me in my kindergarden class, and I've been writing stories of all kinds ever since. I began my long writing career later in my elementary years with a multitude of crude short stories and jumbled flash fiction.


I wrote my very first novel-length work during my freshman year of high school. My second long form story, a paranormal novella, came a year after that. Ever since then my focus has been on writing novel sized stories.


Several years later, the idea came to me to put the long thought out plan of Parabellum on paper. Three months after that, a first draft was made. Three months later still, a second draft had formed, and one book had become two. Finally, one month of extra tweaking and planning after that, Parabellum made its debut on Amazon.com.


There are many more stories to come...


For more information on myself and future projects, you can visit my profiles on the following websites: